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Throughout the early years of married life I would host many get togethers with family and friends. Banana bread was always on the menu, not because of my passion for baking banana bread, but rather due to my waste conscious mind not wanting to throw away spotty or soft bananas.

My bread started to gather super fans, convincing me this could be shared and loved by many people. After a lucky chance of supplying a friends local cafe, my business has quickly spiralled into supplying cafes all over London.
There is no mass production; each bread is individually hand crafted at my home - number 8. I get up in the early hours of the morning to bake and relish in the gifts of sunrises.
Opportunity is whisked into every batch; I am so grateful to work in an environment surrounded by incredible women. From the bakers to the driver and to the sales ladies, they each hold a valuable part of the process and together we make a powerful team.

Baking has taught me the power of dedication, commitment and passion. I hope the banana smile on the bread brings you as much joy as it gives me to bake them :)

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  • 🍌Reducing our bananaprint🍌

    We strive to have as little impact on our planet as possible. By sourcing local ingredients and using environmentally friendly packagaing.

  • 🍌big growth, same taste🍌

    Our breads are not mass produced, they are from a hand crafted kitchen. We mix, mash, measure, experiment, spill and spread. And that will never change.

  • 🍌Opportunity baked into every batch🍌

    We're heart bakers! Our kitchen is a spirtual place of warmth, creativity, inclusivity and of course, bananas!

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