from the unrivalled taste at No.8


Welcome to Baked at 8, a consciously crafty kitchen. We're heart bakers, conscious bakers, exceptional bakers mixing and mashing the perfect banana bread blend. It's the only thing we do, and we do it dam well!

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Lucky for you we are dotted around London at your favourite cafes, delis, hotels and all other leading locations

  • We are conscious

    Baking breads, not the planet. We strive to be conscious of our impact on the planet. Sourcing local ingredients and environmentally sound packaging solutions that reduce our 'bananaprint'and keep us climate positive.

  • We are exceptional

    Pure in its simplicity but exceptional
    in it's possibility. It's all we do, and we do it damn well. Baking our hearts into every loaf to deliver the unrivalled taste of number 8 to taste buds nationwide.

  • We are crafted

    No mass production. We're hand crafted in the kitchen. Mashing, measuring, mixing, spilling, spreading, chopping, experimenting, folding, laughing and baking glorious banana breads that challenge the idea of what a banana bread can be.

  • We are empowering

    Opportunity baked into every batch. We believe how we bake, and those we bake with, plays as much of a part as the ingredients we use. Our kitchen is a spiritual place of warmth, calm, empowerment, inclusivitiy and, of course, bananas.

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