Rolling into Delight: Baked at 8 Now Served at Roll Baby, Westfield Shopping Centre!

We're thrilled to roll out some exciting news: Baked at 8 is now proudly serving our delectable creations at Roll Baby in Westfield Shopping Centre! Building on the success of our partnership with Roll Baby, we're excited to bring the joy of our artisanal banana bread to a new location. Join us in celebrating this delicious expansion and discover where you can now savor the goodness of Baked at 8 at Roll Baby in Westfield. Explore our full range on our shopping page.

Roll Baby in Westfield: A Fusion of Flavors in the Heart of Shopping Bliss:

Roll Baby, known for its nutritious, fresh, and flavorful rice paper rolls, has found a new home in the bustling Westfield Shopping Centre. The iconic Portobello Road vibe meets the convenience of Westfield, offering shoppers a delightful pitstop for wholesome bites and now, the sweet touch of Baked at 8.

Baked at 8 at Roll Baby Westfield: Elevating the Roll Experience:

Our artisanal banana bread is the perfect addition to Roll Baby's menu. Crafted with care and baked fresh daily, our banana breads are designed to elevate your dining experience. Soft, moist, and filled with the essence of pure happiness, they complement the diverse flavors Roll Baby is known for.

Banana Bread Bliss: A Treat While on the Go:

Whether you're grabbing a quick bite in between shopping or taking a moment to enjoy the vibrant atmosphere, our banana breads at Roll Baby Westfield are a delightful treat. Indulge in the rich flavors and wholesome goodness, making every visit to Roll Baby a complete experience.

Visit Roll Baby in Westfield for a Taste of Baked at 8:

If you're a fan of Roll Baby or exploring Westfield Shopping Centre, be sure to stop by Roll Baby to try our range of artisanal banana breads. They're now available, and we hope they add an extra layer of delight to your Roll Baby experience.

We are incredibly proud to be serving our artisanal banana bread at Roll Baby in Westfield, adding a touch of sweetness to the vibrant dining scene. Whether you're a Westfield regular or exploring our range online, we invite you to savor the flavors and moments that both Baked at 8 and Roll Baby offer. It's all about convenient bites, flavorful experiences, and the joy of good food. Here's to the perfect blend of shopping bliss and the goodness of our artisanal banana bread at Roll Baby in Westfield!

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