Expanding the Joy: Baked at 8 Now Proudly Serving Clerkenwell's Cafe!

t Baked at 8, we've always believed that the heart of our business lies in sharing joy through our delicious baked creations. It's with great pleasure and pride that we announce the expansion of our partnership with the wonderful Clerkenwell's Cafe, located at 68 Compton Street. Following our successful collaboration with Hidden Cafe and Send Cafe, we're thrilled to extend our offerings to Clerkenwell's, where we'll be supplying our beloved Vibrant Vegan and Rays of Choc Chips. This delightful addition to our family of cafe partners allows us to spread even more smiles and joy through our baked goods. If you're ready to experience the delight, explore our treats on our shopping page.

Clerkenwell's Cafe: Where Deliciousness Meets Tradition:

Nestled on Compton Street, Clerkenwell's Cafe is a beloved establishment that's all about bringing people together over delightful food and great company. Known for its warm atmosphere and commitment to culinary excellence, Clerkenwell's has earned a special place in the hearts of the local community.

Baked at 8's Joyful Journey:

Our journey at Baked at 8 has been one of spreading joy and delight through our artisanal baked goods. We believe in the power of food to connect people, evoke emotions, and create lasting memories. That's why we're overjoyed to extend our partnership with Clerkenwell's, a cafe that shares our values and dedication to serving exceptional food with heart.

Introducing Vibrant Vegan and Rays of Choc Chips:

As part of our collaboration with Clerkenwell's, we'll be supplying two of our standout products:

  • Vibrant Vegan: A mouthwatering range of plant-based delights that cater to a variety of taste preferences. Vibrant Vegan is all about combining delectable flavors with conscious ingredients, and we're excited to introduce this delightful experience to Clerkenwell's patrons.

  • Rays of Choc Chips: For those with a sweet tooth, our Rays of Choc Chips are a perfect match. These decadent chocolate chips add a touch of indulgence to any baked creation, elevating the taste and spreading smiles one bite at a time.

Spreading More Joy and Smiles:

Our partnership with Clerkenwell's Cafe is more than just business; it's about creating moments of happiness and sharing them with the community. As we expand our offerings to yet another cherished establishment, we're proud to be spreading more joy and smiles through the joy of good food.

Join the Joyful Journey:

If you're eager to be a part of this joyful journey and savor the delectable treats we offer, we invite you to explore our shopping page. Whether it's Vibrant Vegan or Rays of Choc Chips, we're here to make your day a little brighter and your taste buds a lot happier.

At Baked at 8, we're delighted to grow our partnership with Clerkenwell's Cafe, where deliciousness meets tradition. Together, we aim to create more memorable moments filled with joy, one delectable bite at a time. Thank you for being a part of our journey, and here's to many more moments of delight and shared happiness!

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