Baked at 8's Vegan Banana Bread Joins the Family at Cinnamon Village!

We are delighted to announce that Baked at 8 is now serving our mouthwatering Vegan Banana Bread at Cinnamon Village! As we continue to expand our family of cafe partners, we are proud to join forces with Cinnamon Village, a family-run business that shares our values of love, passion, and attention to detail. Join us in celebrating this collaboration, and discover where you can now savour the goodness of our Vegan Banana Bread. Explore our full range on our shopping page.

Cinnamon Village: Where Quality Meets Warmth:

Cinnamon Village isn't just a cafe; it's a place where the best recipes, sourced from local farmers and prepared with love and passion, come together to create a peaceful and friendly environment. As a family-run business, Cinnamon Village prides itself on being a home away from home, focusing on quality by sourcing food from trusted local suppliers, with an emphasis on organic and sustainable practices.

Baked at 8 at Cinnamon Village: A Perfect Partnership:

Our Vegan Banana Bread perfectly complements Cinnamon Village's commitment to quality and a diverse menu. Crafted with plant-based goodness and a touch of sweetness, our banana bread is a delightful addition to the array of offerings at Cinnamon Village.

Vegan Banana Bread: A Slice of Vegan Delight:

Our Vegan Banana Bread is designed to add a slice of joy to your moments at Cinnamon Village. Soft, moist, and filled with the essence of a vibrant lifestyle, it's the perfect treat for those seeking plant-based indulgence.

Visit Cinnamon Village for a Taste of Baked at 8:

Whether you're a regular at Cinnamon Village or planning to visit this warm and welcoming family cafe, be sure to try our Vegan Banana Bread. It's now available at Cinnamon Village, and we hope it adds an extra layer of delight to your cafe experience.

We are incredibly proud to be serving our Vegan Banana Bread at Cinnamon Village, where quality meets warmth and every customer is embraced as part of the family. Whether you're enjoying a cup of coffee, working on your laptop, reading a book, or having a chat with friends, Cinnamon Village is more than a cafe—it's a community. Explore the flavors and moments that both Baked at 8 and Cinnamon Village offer. Here's to the perfect blend of family, friendship, and the goodness of our Vegan Banana Bread!

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