Baked at 8's Artisanal Breads Now at Home in River Lane Cafe!

We are delighted to share some exciting news! Baked at 8 is now serving our mouthwatering artisanal breads at the heart of Finsbury Park – River Lane Cafe! Nestled in this vibrant neighborhood for the past two decades, River Lane Cafe is a beacon of local pride, and we are thrilled to be part of their commitment to bringing delicious, locally sourced offerings to the community. Join us in celebrating this flavorful collaboration, and discover where you can now indulge in our artisanal breads. Explore our full range on our products page.

River Lane Cafe: A Local Oasis of Flavor and Community:

For the past 20 years, River Lane Cafe has been a cherished resident of Finsbury Park, sharing their passion for coffee with both locals and visitors. Their commitment to buying local produce and collaborating with independent businesses aligns perfectly with our values at Baked at 8. Together, we're on a mission to enhance the culinary experience in Finsbury Park through the delicious marriage of coffee and artisanal bread.

The Origin of River Lane: A Nod to History:

River Lane Cafe draws inspiration from the rich history of its surroundings. The name "River Lane" pays homage to the Hackney Brook River that once flowed from Holloway, through Blackstock Road, eventually meeting the River Lea at Hackney Wick. In those bygone days, Blackstock Road was known as 'Boarded River Lane,' and thus, the cafe finds its distinctive name.

Baked at 8 at River Lane Cafe: A Flavorful Partnership:

Our artisanal breads are now a delightful addition to River Lane Cafe's menu. Crafted with care and baked to perfection, our breads add a touch of homemade goodness to the cafe's commitment to providing a diverse and delicious food menu.

Artisanal Breads: A Slice of Baked at 8 in Every Bite:

Indulge in the soft, flavorful goodness of our artisanal breads at River Lane Cafe. Whether you're pairing it with your favorite coffee or savoring it on its own, each bite is a celebration of quality ingredients and passion for the art of baking.

Visit River Lane Cafe for a Taste of Baked at 8:

Whether you're a long-time fan of River Lane Cafe or a newcomer to Finsbury Park, be sure to stop by and experience the delightful combination of their coffee and our artisanal breads. It's a match made in culinary heaven and available now for you to enjoy.

We are truly excited to have our artisanal breads find a home in River Lane Cafe, a place where history, community, and flavor converge. Explore the flavors and moments that both Baked at 8 and River Lane Cafe offer. Here's to the perfect blend of local pride, community spirit, and the goodness of our artisanal breads at River Lane Cafe!

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