Baked at 8: Proudly Supplying Clarnico Club with Delicious Banana Bread

In the vibrant heart of Hackney Wick, nestled between the iconic Olympic Park and the creative energy of the area, lies Clarnico Club—an independent, specialty coffee shop that's more than just a place to grab your daily caffeine fix. With its inviting ambiance and commitment to community, Clarnico Club has become a beloved destination for various occasions, from casual hangouts to productive work sessions. What makes this coffee shop even more special is its collaboration with SEND Coffee, an organization dedicated to providing barista training and employment opportunities to young adults with Special Educational Needs or Disabilities. As Clarnico Club expands its offerings, we are thrilled to announce that Baked at 8 is now a proud supplier of their delectable banana bread.

Baked at 8's Journey to Clarnico Club: At Baked at 8, we've been on a delightful journey of crafting exceptional baked goods that bring joy to countless individuals. Having already made our mark in supplying hidden coffee and curator coffee, we are excited to extend our reach and partner with Clarnico Club. This partnership is not just about providing delectable treats; it's about aligning with a shared vision of community support and inclusivity.

A Match Made in Culinary Heaven: Clarnico Club's commitment to quality and community resonates deeply with our values at Baked at 8. Our banana bread, crafted with the finest ingredients and a touch of love, perfectly complements Clarnico Club's offerings. As patrons sip on expertly brewed coffee and enjoy the serene atmosphere, our moist and flavorful banana bread provides the ideal accompaniment for those seeking a delightful treat that harmonizes with the rich flavours of their beverages.

Empowering Through Partnership: What makes our collaboration even more special is the inclusion of SEND Coffee in Clarnico Club's training program. By sourcing our banana bread from Baked at 8, Clarnico Club not only serves a scrumptious treat but also supports a business that aligns with their mission of empowerment and skill-building. Together, we're creating a cycle of positivity that uplifts both taste buds and lives.

Join Us in Celebration: We invite you to join us in celebrating this exciting partnership between Baked at 8 and Clarnico Club. Whether you're a coffee aficionado, a lover of delectable baked goods, or an advocate for inclusive employment opportunities, there's something special brewing at Clarnico Club. Our delectable banana bread, infused with the essence of passion and dedication, is now a part of this thriving community.

The journey of Baked at 8's banana bread from our ovens to the tables at Clarnico Club is a testament to the power of collaboration, community, and shared values. As we proudly supply Clarnico Club with our beloved banana bread, we extend our warmest gratitude to this remarkable coffee shop and to all who appreciate the significance of every bite. If you're in search of an authentic coffee shop experience that combines flavorful beverages, heartwarming pastries, and a commitment to inclusivity, Clarnico Club is the place to be. And remember, with every bite of our banana bread, you're not just savouring a delicious treat—you're contributing to a chain of empowerment and flavour that stretches far beyond your taste buds. To learn more about our wholesale offerings, visit our page here:

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